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Simple Websites for Creatives

You need a website for your business, something that gives your brand a home and appeals to your ideal client - and they should be easy to put together right? In the past, that answer was NO. You had to learn code (or pay tons of money to someone who knew it and could manage the site for you.)

Sure, you could get a cookie cutter template that left little room for customization, but not only did you look like everyone else, you still couldn't easily change things to match your brand and style. That's where Oddfellows Design comes in, with the goal to provide creatives with the best designs that we could dream up; sites that are easy to customize, affordable and suited to any brand.

My design starter sites and website building services utilize the power of Showit 5 and Wordpress and will help put your business in the spotlight. Best of all, you won't have to sell your soul to afford them either. The templates will be launching soon and I cannot wait to share them with you!


I'm Julie Wilmes, and although I'm not a fellow, I'm excited that you're here to learn more about Oddfellows Design! 

I'm a tattooed and fiesty Texan who lives and breathes for spending time with those I love and creating art. Creation and collaboration is what I live for and I'm happy to share it with the world. I strive for simplicity and that shows in everything I do.

I split my time between Dallas/Fort Worth and NYC, along with my husband and three dogs, and we are excited to welcome our first child into our lives in 2018! If you're a Harry Potter loving creative, well you should pull up a chair because you may want to stay for a while. 

At Oddfellows Design, we aim to provide you with a simple and easy client experience. We understand that your time is precious so we want to make your website building experience as painless as possible. Here you can find the services we offer, please feel free to send us a message if you have any questions!

Client Services

Website Customization 
For those who need a new website and don't know where to start, this is for you! You'll pick out a design starter site from the Showit Design Marketplace and together, we will collaborate to create the perfect virtual home for your brand!

Design Wrap-ups 
Did you begin a website ages ago and are now too busy (or too frustrated, let's be real) to finish it? Well, with this service, I will help you wrap up your website build, input up to 5 pages of content if needed, and check over all the links and work you've done to be sure that you're ready to launch asap!

Checks and flows 
You have a site, ready to go - you're happy and in love but really want a fresh pair of eyes to come in and be sure that everything about it, from the links to spelling is good to go? Or maybe you want to be sure that it conveys exactly what you want your brand to say to potential clients? Depending on the amount of checks, edits and flow needed - this service is for you. 


Kenny Kim

"I had an opportunity to work with Julie in redesigning my current website and I couldn’t be happier. She is super easy to work with and is very knowledgeable with the Showit app. She worked with me side by side (remotely) to come up with a design that I can proudly share with all clients. I look forward to working with her again on my next new design in the near future!"

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Katrina Bernard

My experience working with Julie has been amazing! I say “has been” because even after she completed all work on her end per our contract, she has still been available and eagerly willing to help me with any questions I continue to have. Julie went above and beyond to ensure that I fully loved my newly designed website and blog. She understood my vision for my site and brought it to life. She is a true creative. I also want to mention that Julie is truly committed to her clients; not only did she complete the job before our contracted due date, she worked on my website while in active labor at the hospital! I assured her that my website was not THAT important and to enjoy the experience; however; she insisted it helped pass time.THAT is dedication. I highly recommend Julie from Oddfellows Designs to anyone looking to enhance their website.

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Shannon Cronin

"Working with Julie was such an easy decision and I couldn't be happier with the process and final result! I already had my branding but needed a professional website to match. We talked about my vision for the site and with a few key details, the next time I saw it - I loved it! Julie made the entire process very easy and stress free, which I really appreciated. It's exactly what I needed for my business - thanks Julie!"

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Katie Sanders

Julie has been the designer for my photography website the last two years, and I couldn't be happier! She was able to walk me through every step from brainstorming, to selecting the right programs and web hosting, to designing the whole site. She asked me plenty of questions to better understand my vision and needs, which gave me confidence that everything would be done beautifully. Julie is super prompt with the designs, and had my completed site available to my clients much sooner than I anticipated. She is always happy to help whenever I have questions or need a quick adjustment, and has always been kind and personable. Mostly importantly, her designs are beautiful, sophisticated, and original! I would definitely recommend Julie's design services. You won't regret it!  

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